We can do international trips for just 30,000 rupees. These are incredibly affordable international trips

“Listen, want to travel abroad? It will only cost thirty thousand rupees, and you’ll get unforgettable moments for a lifetime, which you will always cherish. Let me tell you about destinations that are affordable from India.”

international trips from india under thirty thousand rupees

Today, let me tell you that planning an international trip is not even that difficult. If you plan your trip in the right way, you can also travel abroad. Prepare your tickets and itinerary in advance, and you too can travel abroad.

In this article, we will tell you about the countries where you can travel from India for just thirty thousand rupees. Besides tour packages, you can also plan your own itinerary within a budget.


What can be said about the beauty of this country! Surrounded by magnificent mountains, this country is quite popular for its culture and temples. You can explore places like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Nagarkot, and more. For a round trip here, you will need to spend approximately 10 rupees, and upon arrival, you can find affordable hostels or dorms.


Speaking of food, you can enjoy Nepali cuisine from street food to good quality and large cafes. From sightseeing tourist places to your adventurous activities, everything can be comfortably done within 30,000 rupees.


Upon hearing the name Sri Lanka, you might immediately think of the Ramayana. This city is known as the city of Ravana, and in this beautiful country, there are several cities that can amaze you with their beauty. Wherever you plan to go, make a budget plan two months in advance. If you’re visiting Sri Lanka for the first time, you should definitely visit Colombo. Here, temples, parks, beaches, nightlife, museums, and food are all amazing.

international trips from india under thirty thousand rupees
international trips from india under thirty thousand rupees

You can get return tickets from India to Colombo for prices ranging from 16,000 to 17,000 rupees. The rental cost for a decent hotel starts at 1,000 rupees. To travel around, you can choose local buses and taxis, and you can enjoy plenty of activities within a budget of just 30,000 rupees.


“South Asia’s incredibly beautiful and small country, where the rules and laws are completely different. Not only the breathtaking valleys here, but also the cleanliness of the streets and the adherence to rules by the people will inspire you as well. The most charming city of Bhutan is called Paro, known for its ancient architecture and lush landscapes.”

international trips from india under thirty thousand rupees

You can reach here by train and flight. You can take a train from Kolkata to Hasimara and then reach Bhutan through a jeep. The total cost for this would be approximately 8,000-10,000 rupees. You will find hotels and homestays easily here, and you can complete your 5-day trip within 30,000 rupees.

Hey, so now what’s the delay about? Take a look at the budget and start preparing for your trip abroad! You should definitely plan an international trip this year too. We hope you’ll enjoy this article. Don’t forget to like and share it, and keep reading TRAVELING MONITOR to learn about amazing travel destinations like this.

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