South India Monsoon Travel 2023 : On this monsoon, Let’s go on a memorable journey of Indian states

If you have a passion for exploring during the monsoon season and wish to learn about various small and big destinations associated with the monsoon, you will always find new information here.

Best Places To Visit In Monsoon: During the monsoon season, people from South India to North India and from East India to West India never miss the opportunity to travel. As soon as the monsoon arrives, people set out on their respective journeys.

During the monsoon, some people head to the mountains, while others go to the seashore or embark on long drives. In the first week of June itself, the monsoon knocks on the doors of the southern Indian state of Kerala. Gradually, the monsoon reaches different regions of India, and people also start preparing for their trips.

Best places to visit in monsoon in karnataka

During the monsoon season, Karnataka is home to several fantastic places to visit. Every day, thousands of people flock to these places for sightseeing. People from all corners of the country visit these spots in Karnataka to enjoy the rainy season and have a great time.

Coorg – During the monsoon season, it is often said that when it comes to traveling in Karnataka, the first name that comes up is Coorg. The beauty of this place reaches its peak during the monsoon.

Gokarna – Gokarna is famous not only in the state but also throughout India for its exquisite beauty. Situated along the coastline, this city offers magnificent views during the monsoon season.

Best places to visit in Tamilnadu in monsoon

There are some excellent places to visit in Tamil Nadu during the monsoon season. Every day, thousands of people arrive at these places to explore. People from all corners of the country come to these locations in Tamil Nadu to enjoy the fun and frolic of the monsoon.

Ooty – When it comes to visiting Tamil Nadu, the name of Udhagamandalam (Ooty) hill station is always mentioned first. Apart from the monsoon season, every month, lakhs of domestic and international tourists flock here to explore.

Chennai – Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is a fantastic city to explore during the monsoon. Located along the coastline, it attracts thousands of people every day to enjoy the beaches and experience the monsoon vibes.

Coonoor – Coonoor, located in South India, is a truly magnificent place to visit during the monsoon season, renowned for its beauty. It attracts people not only from southern India but also from other parts of the country. The tea gardens here witness the arrival of thousands of visitors every day.

Best places to visit in kerala in monsoon

During the monsoon season, Kerala has some of the most amazing places to visit. Every day, thousands of people arrive at these locations for sightseeing. People from all corners of the country come to Kerala to explore these places during the monsoon.


AlleppeyWhen it comes to exploring Kerala during the monsoon, Alleppey is the first name that comes to mind. Situated on the seashore, Alleppey is famous worldwide for its beauty. The backwaters here are among the most popular attractions.

MunnarWhen it comes to discussing the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala, the first name that comes to mind is Munnar. Exploring the picturesque valleys of Munnar during the monsoon season is a truly delightful experience. During the monsoon, clouds prevail in every direction, creating a mesmerizing ambiance.

WayanadVisiting Wayanad in Kerala during the monsoon is nothing short of paradise. The presence of stunning waterfalls and backwaters adds an extra charm to the beauty of this place, making it even more enchanting.

Monsoon knocks in South India

Monsoon Start

Generally, monsoon arrives in Kerala on June 1st, and its impact is felt throughout the country until around July 15th. This year, the monsoon reached Kerala a week after June 1st. As soon as the monsoon arrives in Kerala, people start flocking to popular places to enjoy the rain. The monsoon is gradually expected to reach different parts of the country very soon.


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