Delhi has received the gift of Timarpur Lake, and from this month onwards, we can enjoy leisurely strolls around it.

Timarpur Lake: If you are living in Delhi and wish to enjoy a leisurely stroll amidst a beautiful lake, then soon the people of Delhi will be able to explore Timarpur Lake.

timarpur lake

Timarpur Lake Delhi: The capital of the country, which is Delhi, is famous worldwide for its beautiful and historical places. This city is also the political center of the country, so foreign diplomats continue to visit it.

Every day, thousands of people visit places like the Red Fort, India Gate, Jama Masjid, and Qutub Minar, which are located in the capital. Many times, these places are so crowded that people prefer to explore new places.

If we talk about strolling along the shores of a beautiful lake, then cities like Jaipur, Udaipur, and Bhopal were usually considered, but now Delhi is also slowly turning into a city of lakes.

The lake spreads across 40 acres

The beautiful lake located in the outskirts of Delhi has become a topic of discussion among people even before its opening. Delhi and its surrounding residents are eagerly waiting to know when the general public can start visiting this lake.

This stunning lake spreads across approximately 40 acres. It is said to be a clean water lake, which will be one of the prominent attractions of Delhi. Let me tell you that this lake is situated in North Delhi.

There will be special facilities for tourists

Exploring the shores of this beautiful lake will be a truly special experience for travelers. Adventurers can not only enjoy boating here but also indulge in various other activities.

It is being said that along with developing this lake as a beautiful tourist destination, several excellent amenities such as food cafes, an open-air theater, and an auditorium are being constructed here.

The lake will also be connected with a signature bridge

Several efforts are being made to enhance the beauty of the lake. It is being said that this beautiful lake will be connected to a signature bridge, adding further charm to it. Let me tell you that the signature bridge is a major attraction for the people of Delhi and the surrounding areas. This bridge may provide an opportunity to witness the picturesque view of the lake.

When can we start visiting the Timarpur Lake?

If you are preparing to explore this beautiful lake, let me inform you that about 90 percent of the work on this lake has been completed. According to media reports, this stunning lake will be opened for tourists in the first week of July. It is also worth mentioning that this will be the first man-made lake for the residents of Delhi.

How to reach Timarpur Lake?

I would also like to inform you that the nearest metro station to this lake is Vidhan Sabha Metro Station. From the metro station, you can take a taxi or cab to reach the Timarpur Lake for a visit. Additionally, I would like to mention that famous Majnu ka Tila is also located a short distance away from the lake.

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